Questionnaire Results

93% Agree With Vision Statement

The Parish will develop, but retain its unique identify, and be a strong, sustainable rural community with  thriving village at its heart.  The village will remain distinct in character from nearby market towns and suburbs.

The Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire was released on 22nd November with almost 1,000 copies distributed around the Parish by volunteers.  By the closing date of 19th December a total of 399 response had been received – 216 in paper format, and 183 as on-line returns.

The Steering Group are grateful for the support of Hambleton District Council throughout the process which was invaluable. Hambleton provided assistance and advice during the questionnaire development, provided hosting services for the on-line responses, transcribed all of the data from the paper returns, and provided a tabulated summary of the data.

The results were presented to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting on 6th February, having been previously circulated to Steering Group Members.   The Steering Group noted that there was a good level of participation, an overwhelming endorsement of the vision statement, and that only a small minority of respondents (about 7%) were opposed any form of development.  The Steering Group are satisfied that the Questionnaire results provide a sound basis for the next stage of the Neighbourhood Plan process, which will involve further community consultation and workshops.

The results come in two parts.  Firstly there is tabulated data for the questions where respondents were asked to rate issues against scale.  Note that the total number of responses vary as some participants did not answer every question.  In addition to the quantitative information, many participants also made use of the comment boxes to express a wide range of opinions. A total 772 comments have been received, and a response to every comment will be developed and published here in due course.