Site Selection Criteria – Traffic Light Definition

Site Selection Criteria – Drop-In Consultation Results

These are the summary results of your views on the draft criteria, and the Steering Group’s response to your comments can be found here.

Traffic Light Definitions

We are now working on a revised draft of the criteria and a first draft of the traffic light definitions.

Traffic light definitions are how we will objectively determine whether a site performs well or badly against a particular criteria e.g. what would be a good performance on the criteria “Development should favour sites which do not result in loss of open space in the Leven Valley.”

We would like to invite you to participate in one of the two drop-in sessions we are arranging so that you can help develop the traffic-light definitions.

Drop-In Consultation Dates

These consultations will be held in the Village Hall on:

30th July (3-6pm)
9th August (6-9pm)

The format of these event will be similar to the recent consultations on site selection criteria, and you can come along at any time during the session and spend as much (or as little) time as you want.