Site Selection

Selection Criteria

The Neighbourhood Plan has developed and defined its site selection criteria through community consultation over the summer of 2017. These criteria are being used to assess the candidate sites from which the preferred sites will be selected.  These sites must collectively provide sufficient land to deliver 70 new homes in the Parish over the period to 2035.

The criteria themselves were chosen through consultation events held on 1/7/17 and 16/7/17.  Summary results can be found here and along with the participant’s comments and responses to them.

Traffic Lights

The next stage was to develop specific definitions for the ‘traffic lights’ to provide transparent and objective measures for assessment of the sites against each of the criteria.  Further consultation events were held on 30/7/7 and 9/8/17 to develop these defintions.

The results of these consultation events can be found here

Developer Presentations

Representatives of sites were invited to present their proposals for sites to a community audience on 24th September, and answer questions from the audience. Information from this event is being used within the site assessment process.

Presentations / Statements

These are the notes on the Q&A sessions

The representative of the site to the North of Levendale could not attend, but provided site layout drawings for  Embleton Farm East after the event.  Additional information on this proposal can be found in the promoters site assessment response (see below).

Draft Site Assessments

Sites assessments were drafted using the criteria and traffic lights defined through the process described above.  Two further consultation events were held on 27/9/17 and 1/10/17 to seek community feed back on the Draft Site Assessments.

Site representatives were also invited to comment.  These are their responses:

The response from Lichfields / Duchy homes for Rudby Farm can be downloaded from here.  This file contains details on the proposed site access, a Heritage Statement, and a Landscape and Visual Appraisal (file size 62MB).

Revised Assessments

All comments are being analysed and a schedule of all comments and responses will be published here along with revisions to the assessments themselves when the analysis is complete.

We are targeting publication evening of Sunday 22nd Oct.

Any submissions received after Thursday 19th October will not be included in this published version.  An addendum of any late submissions will be published after the 25th.

The Site Assessments have now been updated following consideration of all comments submitted on the initial draft which were received by 19th October.  Revisions to the site commentaries are marked in red text. Both the original and current assessment are shown for each criteria, with a cross reference to the comments made in relation to the criteria.  Where the assessment has changed, a brief explanation of the main reason for the change is given.  Appended to the end of each assessment is a schedule of comments and responses.

An analysis of the potential traffic impacts of each site is now also included.

Site Selection Meeting

The Neighbourhood Plan Preferred Sites were chosen at a public meeting held in the Village Hall on 25th October 2017.

The sites were chosen following an extensive consultation exercise on the draft site assessments, representations from the public during the meeting, and consideration by the Steering Group of the evidence base developed over the course of the Neighbourhood Plan.  All sites chosen performed well on the site assessments, and are sustainable sites which in the opinion of the Steering Group are the sites most suited to meeting the development needs of the Parish based on the evidence gathered to date.

The preferred sites will now be the subject of further investigations which will focus on viability and deliverability, and there are some issues on some non-preferred sites which also require further investigation.  The preferred sites and provisional allocations are therefore, potentially subject to change as further information is gathered.

The preferred sites and provisional allocations decided upon were as follows:

Sites between Paddocks End & Langbaurgh Road: S/073/005, S/073/006, S/073/012

An allocation of two blocks / phases from the group of sites delivering 35 to 40 homes in total.  Key issues to be addressed include:

  1. Delivery of a footpath/cycleway connection from Garbutts Lane area to Langbaurgh Rd.
  2. School run congestion / adverse impacts of traffic.
Site At Enterpen: S/073/003

An allocation sufficient for delivery of 15-20 homes. Key issues to be addressed include:

  1. Retention of views across flagpole field.
  2. Heritage impacts (conservation area, listed building etc.)

Following the Site Selection meeting a group of residents living near the Enterpen site commissioned a report from a planning consultant to contest the decision made at the Site Selection meeting.  This is the Steering Group response to the Enterpen consultant’s report.

A Heritage Impact Assessment has been commissioned from a specialist consultant “to satisfy the requirements of Historic England and to help inform a decision about whether to reject Enterpen on heritage grounds or to retain it as one of the preferred sites.”  The recommendations made in this report will be considered at the Steering Group meeting to be held on 2nd July 2018.

Site At Stokesley Road: S/125/003

An allocation sufficient for delivery of approximately 15 homes.

The decision process and the reasons for the choices are set out in the meeting minutes, and the response to a submission from the site promoter of Embleton Farm East made just before the meeting is provided in this Addendum.