Steering Group

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is responsible for planning and overseeing the program of work needed to create our Neighbourhood Plan.  Most of the work on the content of the plan takes place outside of the Steering Group Meetings in Workshops and Events, or in Theme working sessions. A key responsibility of the Steering Group is to ensure that effective consultation takes place, so that our Neighbourhood Plan is genuinely shaped by local residents, and is representative of community views.

The Steering Group was established by Rudby Parish Council  as a sub-committee.  The membership includes Parish Councillors and co-opted members of the community.

The duties, responsibilities and authority of the Steering Group are defined in Terms of Reference approved by Rudby Parish Council.

The Steering Group meets on the first Monday of every month at 7pm in the Chapel Schoolroom.  Steering Group Meetings are public and open to all members of the community.  Anyone attending can participate fully in the discussions, however, only Steering Group Members are able to participate in any formal votes when these are required. Minutes are taken, distributed by email, published on this Website, and displayed on Parish noticeboards.

The Steering Group Chair can be contacted at