Workshops & Events

Our Neighbourhood Plan is being developed by a team of community volunteers, some of whom are also Parish or District Councillors.  The team will be organised into Task and Theme groups which will meet as and when required to progress work on the Neighbourhood Plan.  The overall programme of work is co-ordinated by the Steering Group.  Participation in the Neighbourhood Plan Team, and in all of its sub-groups is open to all members of the community.  

The programme includes public meetings, workshops, and information events, which to date has included the following:

Date            Type         Details           Additional Information

23-05-16      Meeting     Minutes

02-06-16      Meeting     Minutes

09-06-16      Meeting     Minutes         HDC Presentation  NP Presentation

22-06-16      Workshop  Minutes         Presentation          Project Plan  

02-07-16       Exhibition Stall at ‘Village Event’

Village Event
Village Event

21-07-16      Meeting     Minutes         Sites      Environment

21-09-16       Event          News report

12-10-16        Workshop   Minutes          Presentation

07-05-17       Workshop   Minutes          Presentation

14-06-17        Workshop    Minutes          Introductory Presentation
.                                                                   Site Criteria Presentation
.                                                                   Community Led Housing
.                                                                   Village Design Statement

24-06-17        Village Event Information Stall

01-07-17         Criteria ‘Drop-In’ Consultation Part 1

16-07-17         Criteria ‘Drop-In’ Consultation Part 2

Summary Of Results & Participant Comments
Schedule of Responses

30-07-17         Traffic Light ‘Drop In’ Consultation – Part 1
09-08-17        Traffic Light ‘Drop In’ Consultation – Part 2

Criteria and Traffic Light Workshop Analysis and Response

24-09-17 Public Meeting: Developers Presentations

This Public Meeting was organised and hosted by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Representatives of potential development sites in the Parish had been invited to present information about their sites and answer questions from the public.

The meeting opened  with the Steering Group Chair’s Presentation  This was followed by presentations/statements from site representatives each of which was followed by a Q&A session.

The meeting was closed with an update on Neighbourhood Plan Next Steps  from the Steering Group Chair.

These are the notes of the questions and responses from all four Q&A sessions

27-09-17  Site Assessment Drop In Consultation Part 1

Site Assessment Summary – Consultation Draft