During the early stages of the Neighbour hood Plan we asked you to tell us what issues you think are important.  We will soon be asking you to help us gain a better understanding of the community’s collective view on these issues through a questionnaire.

We will add information we gather about these themes to this section of the Website as we progress through the Neighbourhood Plan Process.

Based on what you have told us, these are four main themes that we will focus on.

  • Community & Community Services
    The range and continuing viability of services (school, shop, GP etc.) and facilities (village hall, Hub, sports area etc.) are important to you.
  • Housing & Development Sites

    You have told us that you have views on how much new housing should be developed, where it located, the design of both buildings and sites. You are also concerned about its impact on neighbours, the landscape, and the environment.
  • Traffic, Transport & Infrastructure

    Vehicle related issues you have raised include speeding, congestion, and parking. You are also concerned about the interests of other road users, and the footpath system.

On infrastructure, you would like to know whether there is capacity in services (power, water, sewage, etc.) to cope with new development.

  • Heritage & Natural Environment

    You have told us that our historic buildings and traditional village characteristics such as the green are valued; as are vistas of the local landscape both from within, and on the approaches to the settlement area.

Flood risks, potential pollution from development, and impacts on wildlife and the Leven valley are amongst concerns you have raised about potential development.