Schedule Of Responses

Many people who returned a questionnaire took the opportunity to submit comments on a variety of issues.  These comments have been now been reviewed by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, and a response prepared for each comment. The responses state whether or not the issues raised are within the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan, identifies any relevant evidence, and indicates whether further consultation work or evidence gathering is needed.

Details can be found in the Schedule Of Responses – V04.  (This latest version incorporates Parish Council feedback and observations.)

The Schedule of Responses follows the same structure as the Questionnaire which provided respondents with opportunities to comment on:

    •  The Vision Statement
    • Services
    • Leisure and Recreation
    • Housing
    • Site Selection
    • Other Sites
    • Traffic and Transport
    • Business
    • Miscellaneous

The Schedule of Responses will be a “living document” with additional information added as it is obtained through feedback from other parties, or derived from the results of workshops and consultation within the Neighbourhood Plan process.

The ID Number can be used to “read across” and find comments made by the same person in different sections, but the originators of the comments are not identified.

Where possible the Steering Group intend to hand over issues which are outside the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan to other bodies who are more suited to dealing with the issue.  This will allow these other issues to receive more timely attention, while enabling the Steering Group to maintain focus on the Neighbourhood Plan.