Neighbourhood Plan – Progress Report

We are around 2/3rds of the way through the development of our Neighbourhood Plan, and are about to make choices over which sites should be selected for development.

Site selection is the culmination of a lot of work by the steering group, and by many members of the community who have helped develop the evidence and criteria which will be used.

If you would like to know more about how we got to this point, it is set out in a summary report on the Neighbourhood Plan project which was recently prepared for the Parish Council. A copy can be found here.


“Traffic Lights” Drop-in Consultation

The second drop in consultation event on “traffic light” definitions will be held on Wednesday 9th Aug from 6 to 9pm.

“Traffic Lights” definitions will be used to assess whether sites perform well or badly against the criteria developed through the previous round of consultations.  This purpose of this event is to develop the definitions, the assessment of sites will not take place until the definitions are complete.

As with previous drop in sessions you can come along at any time during the session and spend whatever amount of time you would like.  Steering Group members will be available throughout to answer any questions you have about the consultation event or any other Neighbourhood Plan issues.

We hope to see you there.

Site Selection Criteria – Traffic Light Definition

Site Selection Criteria – Drop-In Consultation Results

These are the summary results of your views on the draft criteria, and the Steering Group’s response to your comments can be found here.

Traffic Light Definitions

We are now working on a revised draft of the criteria and a first draft of the traffic light definitions.

Traffic light definitions are how we will objectively determine whether a site performs well or badly against a particular criteria e.g. what would be a good performance on the criteria “Development should favour sites which do not result in loss of open space in the Leven Valley.”

We would like to invite you to participate in one of the two drop-in sessions we are arranging so that you can help develop the traffic-light definitions.

Drop-In Consultation Dates

These consultations will be held in the Village Hall on:

30th July (3-6pm)
9th August (6-9pm)

The format of these event will be similar to the recent consultations on site selection criteria, and you can come along at any time during the session and spend as much (or as little) time as you want.

Site Selection Criteria “Drop-In Consultation Result.

Thank-you to the 72 people who took the time to participate in one of the drop-in consultations we held on 1st July and 16th July.  The information gathered in the consultation will be used to develop site selection criteria which reflect the priorities of our community.

Summary results and participant’s comments can be found here

The next step will be to develop “traffic light” definitions for each of the criteria. We will be holding further drop-in consultations with a similar format so that you can participate in the development of these definitions.

Neighbourhood Plan – Site Selection Criteria Drop-In

We are running a second drop-in event to cater for anyone who was on holiday or otherwise unavailable on 1st July.

The follow-up event will be held in the Village Hall (Main Hall) from 3pm to 6pm on Sunday 16th July, and will have the same content and format as the 1st July event.

The drop-in event is an opportunity to get an update on progress on the Neighbourhood Plan, and to participate in the definition of  selection criteria which will be used to pick development sites for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Share your opinion by spending a few minutes marking up the worksheets or adding your comments on post-its.

We hope to see you there.



Revised Local Plan Submission For Site Behind Levendale/Hundale

The original submission to Hambleton’s Local Plan for site S/073/002 has been amended, and the original proposal has been replaced by one for a reduced area lying between the pipeline route and Levendale/Hundale.

An indicative map (see below) has been provided by the landowner.

  • The white area (approx. 2 Ha) is intended for development, which at HDC’s standard assumption of 25 houses per hectare would have capacity for around 50 homes.
  • The Green Area (approx. 1.4 Ha) is intended to be retained as green space.
  • The pipeline route is marked by the dashed yellow / red line.
  • The blue area is a proposed pond which would form part of a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS).

Schedule of Responses Update

The response to comments in the Traffic and Transport and Miscellaneous sections are now available.   You can now find the initial response to every comment here.  Additional information will be added as it is obtained from other parties or generated from Neighbourhood workshops and consultation.

Schedule Of Responses

Schedule Of Responses

Comments submitted through the Questionnaire and the Steering Group response to these can be found in the “Schedule of Responses” which has now been published on the Neighbourhood Plan website.  Two sections  (comments and responses on Traffic and Transport, and Miscellaneous) are still in preparation will be added shortly.

March Steering Group Meeting

The draft minutes have been published and can be found here.